Ucla Collective Bargaining Agreement

A. The university may discipline or lay off an ASE for a just reason. “discipline”: a written warning, suspension without payment or dismissal. An oral warning may be included in a complaint if it is later used as evidence or to justify the extent of the sanction in a disciplinary case. A person who is no longer employed in the bargaining unit may, pursuant to section 12, file a claim regarding the placement of a written warning inserted in the EMPLOYMENT file of the ESA in accordance with this section within 30 days of the date on which the ASE knew or should have known that a written warning had been included in its employment file. 1. the applicable nomination title, 2. the percentage of appointments (or the time range), 3) validity data, 4) salary/salary, 5) health and other applicable benefits or deductions, 6th recruitment unit, 7) contact with the recruitment unit, 8) reaction requirements, 9. A statement that the position is covered by the collective agreement between the parties, 10.

a statement that an ASE that anticipates access to toilets for all types and/or lactation assistance should, for the applicable procedure, refer to Article 20 of the BX agreement; 11) a declaration that an ASE anticipating housing must refer to Article 20 of the BX agreement for the applicable procedure; 12. Reference to Article 4 – Child Custody and a link to information on child care reimbursement and eligibility, 13. time and place of the NEW ASS APPLICABLE guidelines, 14. that the names and departmental addresses of all ASEs be released for each period (quarter/semester) at the UAW, 15. the address of the contract`s website, 16. a link to the UAW 2865 website and, 17. a statement that the EAS can contact the UAW for assistance 7. A first meeting will take place no later than thirty (30) days after the ratification of the full succession agreement. The agenda for the first year will be a review of joint ESA peer training on prevention and a fair and equitable response to sexual harassment and violence. 10. This letter contract is terminated at the expiry of the contract, unless the parties agree by mutual agreement to extend their terms beyond the expiry of the contract.

The “employment file” is defined as information (including reports, documents, correspondence and other documents in their entirety or published items) relating to the use of an ESA in the bargaining unit. Subjects that concern only higher education courses are not considered to be part of the employment file. In a statement responding to the November strike, the UC said it had “concluded agreements with seven other unions during lengthy negotiations with AFSCME” and suggested that the impasse could be less outsourcing than wages. After ratification and approval by the parties, the university publishes the agreement on a particular website. The parties will endeavour to organize appeal meetings that are not at odds with the duties of the bereavement bargaining unit or bereavement representative, which cannot be rescheduled. When a claim meeting convened by the university occurs when the bereavement or bereavement representative has negotiating orders that cannot be rescheduled, parties with unresolved appointment disputes are entitled to leave with payment for the contract period that cannot be rescheduled, provided that the leave application is submitted at least five (5) calendar days prior to the meeting. Requests for leave are made either before or at the time and time of the meeting, after which the meeting is scheduled for the application period of five (5) calendar days.

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