Wada Fifa Agreement

“This agreement represents a new step forward for clean sport around the world,” said WADA Director General Olivier Niggli. FIFA President, Joseph S. At the FIFA Executive Committee meeting in London on 29 February 2004, Blatter will present FIFA`s recent World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) cooperation agreement in the fight against doping in sport to the world`s top football officials, which will be the next step on the roadmap for FIFA`s adoption of the World Anti-Doping Code at the FIFA Century Congress in May 2004. “Aepsad was declared non-compliant on 19 March 2016, Wada advocated an agreement between Aepsad and the International Sports Federations (IFs) that would ensure that tests are carried out on national athletes in Spain during the non-compliance period. It is deeply disappointing that some international federations have not signed the agreement, as it has prevented the implementation of effective national anti-doping programmes in Spain in a number of sports [during this period of non-compliance]. “As part of this agreement, CONFEJES, on behalf of the world`s French-speaking nations, makes a strong statement that they support the global anti-doping program and that they are united in their opposition to doping in sport. Both federations refused to sign the agreement to understand that Fifa was limited to international football, while Uefa felt they were limited to football clubs participating in uefa competitions. Therefore, no agreement has been signed, and no international association would accept responsibility for anti-doping tests in Spanish football. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has signed an anti-doping agreement in the 43 member countries at the Conference of Ministers of Youth and Sport in French-speaking countries (CONFEJES). “Wada has already promised the world in 2018 that if Russia fails to comply with its agreements, it will apply the most severe sanctions according to the rules. But here we go again; The Wada says one thing and does something completely different. “Regarding the lack of anti-doping tests in Spanish football, Aepsad proposed to Fifa and Uefa, at wada`s request, to sign an agreement for one of these international federations to take over the tests in Spanish football, while Aepsad is not compliant.

New evidence that Russian footballers were helped to cheat during the state-promoted doping scandal to their nation will arrive at FIFA within weeks. They are also expected to review ADOs decisions and challenge all decisions before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) if they deem them inappropriate. “FIFA participated on April 30 in WADA`s declaring webinars and was informed that it would receive the full case packages by the end of May,” FIFA said, according to the Associated Press.

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