Grant Writing & Review

Philanthropy can be stressful and intimidating.  The dynamics between funder and applicant are complex.  While it may look like a ferocious race at the crowded starting line, it is important to remember that this is really a dance of love and rejection. It should be as fun and exciting as dating, since both parties are really just searching for a relationship based on trust, respect, and mutual goals and objectives.

What is important to remember is that when you find the right match, funder and grantee want the same thing.  One is there to support good work; the other is there to do good work.  It may not always feel like it, but both need each other to meet their missions and to make it to the finish line, together.

Whether you are trying to get or give a grant, it is helpful to work with someone who can maximize the possibility of success, anticipate and correct for potential shortcomings, and knows when saying no and moving on to others is the wise and proper thing to do.  Kesselman Consulting is adept at seeing opportunities and matching grantmakers and grant seekers.